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"Your life doesn't get better by chance, it gets better by change"

Building Dreams

Couples Question & Answer Card Game

This printable Relationship-Building card deck is perfect for couples looking to deepen their connection, improve communication and building intimacy in their relationship. Fun & thought provoking questions for each partner to answer.

Manifesting Vision Board Kit

Visualization is key in manifesting what you desire in life. Manifestation techniques have been used for Centuries and will work for you if you apply the techniques properly. This Vision Board Kit contains 64 graphics you can print, cut out and paste onto your vision board along with instructions, visual examples and journaling pages.


What People Are Saying

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I followed the workbook for Find Your Soul's Life Purpose and very excited to use what I learned about myself and now planning to apply that to help others

— Julie D/AZ

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After using the Heal Your Relationship Workbook, I'm using the techniques I learned to help heal and strengthen my marriage

— Cynthia S/OH

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I am thrilled that I found this website! I purchased the workbook How to Make a Connection With Your Spirit Guides and am feeling grateful I've been able to connect with my Guides

— Dawn J/NY

Meet Deborah

Deborah is an educator and an authority on energy medicine, teaching energy work techniques which is an integral part of living a healthy life for healing emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Her mindset changed 35 years ago after experiencing frequent bouts of insomnia which began affecting her health. She began daily meditations to help her relax and sleep. During these meditations she noticed vivid details of people and scenes that appeared to be from a different era, not of this lifetime. She calls this her "awakening" and began metaphysical studies to further develop her abilities and teach others how to improve their lives through her own experiences and journey.

She resides in the Tampa Bay area of Florida with her rescue animals, is a published author and in her leisure time enjoys creating art techniques for spiritual connections and therapy healing she calls "soul art".