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About Mindful Lightwork

Methods and Tools for

"Creating A Life You Love"

The products and tools provided on Mindful Lightwork will help guide you along your journey for the benefits of Well-being, Fulfillment and Spiritual Growth

"Your life doesn't get better by chance, it gets better by change"

Mindful Lightwork was created to help those that are searching for ways to improve their life and well-being by providing methods and tools to use to take your life to the next level which is an integral part in living a healthy life both physically and emotionally

*Workbooks, Courses and Resources for your journey

*Learn how to connect with the spiritual realm for guidance

*Discover your purpose to live a more meaningful life

*Connect with your emotions and heal your relationships

*Learn Energy Work techniques

You have the power to change your life by using the methods provided for your creativity, spirituality, health and well-being

Deborah is a practicing Energy Worker, Medium and Spiritual Coach whose mission is to inspire you to revolutionize your life by providing methods and tools for spirituality and well-being to enjoy more joy and fulfillment in your life

She resides in the Tampa Bay area of Florida with her rescue animals, is a published author and in her leisure time enjoys creating art techniques for spiritual connections and therapy healing she calls "soul art".